As a resident of Hounslow I am aware of pollution, but as a resident I have not been privy to any single or joint strategy involving this issue. I believe any solution must be a collective London wide strategy with the London Mayor ensuring all boroughs agree to a collective set of regulations with residents being involved.

We all know that pollution is detrimental to our health, but the car is a way of life and most people would resist a call to relinquish their prized possession.

We must obviously look at ways to lower pollution around London, low cost park and ride for commuters along with other incentives for shoppers and school runs, cheaper and more frequent public transport. Restricting high street parking will eventually kill the small local trader.

This all comes under infrastructure and will never be achieved over night. We the residents must be allowed to buy into these new strategies over time, forcing people to give up their cars by restricting parking etc will be seen quite rightly as infringing their rights.   

I am sure that controlled parking (CPZ) along with parking penalties is seen by many as a local political move to obtain even more money from local residents.

We must remember that not every family can afford to purchase new low emission vehicles but this must be the long term aim and must be built into any short and medium term objectives.



Fancifull, ridiculous, costly, a step back in time! It worked before and could this cost be offset against poluttion, heavy vehicles, road repairs, traffic jams etc.

Why not go back to using our canal network for moving goods around our city, this would take a lot of large goods vehicles off our local roads. Sounds stupid! maybe! but this form of cargo movement did work and whilst the canals are in disrepair they are still available, viable (long term).

We are told "Three quarters or more of our roads in London have illegal levels of air pollution".

Lets work "together" we must buy into a strategy that works for us and our children's future.