You might say


We don't have a say and we should

Only a few things!

Pedestrian Signals

The Secret Button

Pedestrian signals at one time ommitted sound and had a secret button that indicated when it was safe to cross for deaf and or blind people.


The council has a "duty of care" and we must ensure these simple safety features are available and working..

Good business for WHO!


Please note the 24 hour service sign is displayed above the coin receiver.

Spending a penny


Has a new meaning when it comes to going to the toilet in Hounslow.


Not only do you wet yourself.


You are asked to contact the service engineers on an 0845 telephone number. to inform them we can't spend 10p. But this does not help us at the time.


1 Why is this public convenience often OUT OF ORDER.


2. The same can be said for the public convenience in Hounslow West.




I am amazed that some of these facilities appear to be another area that has been allowed to fall by the way side, Hounslow must ensure that these simple safety measures are repaired or put in place to enable people with hearing and sight problems to be independent and safe.


Public convenience

(or another money making con)


The automated Public Toilet/non convenience situated on the corner of Lampton-Road Bath oposite the new Bell corner bus stop.


The above toilet is the only public convenience in the area and is often:


Faulty or Just - Out of order.


The annoying thing is that you are asked to contact the service engineer to report a fault, but you are unable to use the facilities and remember! you pay for the privilege of not using the toilet because you are asked to contact the service egnineer.



Does Recycling Work?


As you can see

residents do try


It's The Council that don't comply!


These recycle bins are used by all local residents