Dave Cox

Charlton House TRA Chairman


Born in 1952 I lived with my parents in Chiswick for 19 years and in West London for almost all of my life, apart from a year in the early 70's whilst I was playing rugby.

I live with my wife, son and granddaughter in Charlton House Brentford.

I have been a member of the tenants association since 2002 and have been the elected Chairman of The Charlton House Residents Association for some 10 or so Years.

As from 1st May 2019 I am no longer ythe Chairman of The Charlton House Residents Association. I decided that it was time to step down and allow someone else to take charge. 


As the ex Chairman of The Charlton House Residents Association, everything you read on these pages are my personal thoughts, observation and experiences, any statistics quoted are fact and can be obtained from various sources on the internet.

My thoughts and observations, plus my personal experiences dealing with Hounslow Council.

Some of my statements below may sound contradictory but I hope you understand where I am coming from.

We believe our elected representatives act on a perceived personal knowledge and expect them to act on a consensus gathered from residents when deliberating the future interests and welfare of residents living in Hounslow.

Direct resident involvement can help to advise on changes.

Some people say that we elect councillors to act on our behalf, most of us know this does not happen.

Who makes the decisions?  Is it Our elected representatives or the bureaucratic system behind the scenes.

Representatives may raise valid reasons for new or alterations to current policy but these are subject to alteration by the bureaucrats and our representatives have very little sway on design, the end results are not always recognisable when viewed with the initial concept. Most of all they are rarely in the best interest of residents/tenants once the faceless well paid bureaucratic system have altered the concept.

Changes to any concept are driven by cost, liability, responsibility, current legislation and many more bureaucratic and out dated local legislation. The bureaucrats ensure councillors have most answers at the ready when questioned about current subjects, but you will always know if an area is not covered as the standard reply is "I'll take the details and get back to you"!.

Many people have a perception that councillors know everything! Of course this is not true, the people who come up with the figures, legality, answers to awkward questions, current  legislation and anything else that councillors debate, (argue for and against) and eventually endorse and implement, is produced and recommended by the vast amount of well paid people who are employed and in situ no matter which political party are in power.

Why don't we (the residents) feel or believe that some councillors are listening or acting in OUR BEST INTEREST.

Some councillors are very good and do their best, unfortunately one or two have an eye on a future further up the political ladder (obviously guided by those faceless bureaucrats).

Our labour council leader has a facade of grandeur accompanied by ingratiating waffle and an ability to twist and turn a subject to sound attractive, this very personal view will give you the general picture of my total lack of faith in our labour leader and why this councillors lack of respect for Hounslow residents tarnishes the reputation of other councillors. It is unfortunate that those councillors who do their best are often tarred with the same brush.

There is a saying “The end justifies the means” BUT AT WHAT COST TO THE RESIDENTS OF HOUNSLOW.   

We are all aware of the financial climate and I am sure most residents acknowledge the council's duty to be prudent (careful in providing for the future). Please note: Council not Councillor’s

The residents of Hounslow should expect our elected representatives to have our interests and wellbeing at heart. Councillors should act on a collective knowledge gained from the people they represent not on personal opinion, aspirations, bullying or using the old political whip system to pass legislation formulated by the bureaucrats.

A few cases in question:

1: The ever increasing adoption of controlled parking being introduced by Hounslow Council.

2: The widening of high street paving which cuts down the width of roads, causing bottle necks.

3: The continual resurfacing of major roads to the detriment of side road resurfacing.

4: The construction of new properties without basic infrastructure. I am talking about building properties to bring new families into Hounslow when we can’t cope with the resident population already living in Hounslow.

No new doctors, dentists, hospital places, school places (I know that a  few more are being added to some schools) as well as some new schools, public transport, fewer parking spaces with more parking restrictions to name but a few. Lack of parking in and around Hounslow High Street is a prime example of councillors not acting in our best interest, nor is in the best interests of local traders. 

Our council must enhance how information is received and collected from residents.

Our ward councillors must not obstruct, alienate or believe they are better than the people who put them in a position of perceived trust. They should not pass incomplete fanciful or questionable information to representative bodies who give their time freely to represent residents, or individuals who question council actions.

I am sure there is more to come.